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10MW Solar Farm at Konza in Kenya

10MW Solar Farm - Konza in Kenya

We have gained approval for our 10MW Solar Farm at Konza and have nearly completed all the Pre Build Technicals.  Site of the Konza Solar Farm is on Riara University owned land - This additional Renewable Energy will promote Sustainable Energy, Sustainable Business Development, Sustainable Education and enhance the quality of life of the people of Kenya together with mitigating against Climate Change - The Problem of Climate Change will result in significant opportunities for Kenya. People living near to each of our Solar Farms will be given FREE Solar PV panels (20W) for their homes, the Local Chiefs or Government given Solar Street Lighting, villagers given Solar PV Water Pumps & living Pods can be constructed and the villagers trained into how to build them by making the bricks so employment opportunities are also offered to the villagers. Educational programmes will follow at MSc, BSc in Renewable Energy.