Short Term - Bioreactor Landfill sites producing electricity - these are a short term answer - our technology requires NO landfill.

New Waste Transfer Stations

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Medium to Long Term approach to Waste Management for Ghana - Integrated Waste Management Plants

Reuse, Recycling, Recovery, Manufacturing and Electricity Production Energy Plants.

Within two years time New Energy Plants can be operational producing electricity - Renewable Energy.

Landfill sites becoming exhausted and full.

New temporary Bioreactor Landfill site on the right producing electricity

Short Term - Waste Transfer Stations

Medium & Long Term - New Energy Plants producing electricity

PSECC Ltd are now in negotiation with the Ghana Government on Waste Management. PSECC Ltd have been appointed as Technical Advisors to the New Government of Ghana on Waste Management. November 2017 PSECC were approached by project delivery partner Jerry Turner, acting for the government of Ghana, to come up with Sustainable Waste Management solutions to their 5 million tonnes per year of MSW. In January 2018 agreement reached with the Government to proceed with new Waste-to-Energy Centres in the Country together with Engineered Sanitised Landfill site and waste transfer stations.

We are working in partnership with Ghanaergize Company Ltd (GCL) in ACCRA on Waste Management & MMW WORLD Ltd (MMW) in Kadjebi in Volta Region on solar farm development. MMW WORLD Ltd are partnering us in Ghana - PSECC Ltd, Ghana Light Ltd & Simbrofo Light Ghana Ltd have been developing Climate Change Mitigation in Ghana for three years

Medium & Long Term - Integrated Waste Management plants MRF's

GHANA produces 5 million tonnes per year of MSW

GHANA produces 5 million tonnes per year of MSW

​Landfill sites can be replaced by New Energy Plants producing electricity. We are negotiating with the Government of Ghana and we have linked into a USA company for Technology Provision and funding of $900 million for potentially Ten Gasification plants in 2020. Negotiations still in progress. EPC company - Siemens

GHANA - Solid Waste Management

We are assisting the Ghana Government since 2016 & negotiation currently in progress - also Egypt, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Zambia & Kenya Government - 2020

PSECC Solar Farmsan initiative of  PSECC Ltd