Volta 20MW Solar Farm site - project not started

Future Solar Farm programme we are developing in the USA.

Community Enhancement by funding Solar Water Pumps, Street lighting and FREE 20W panels.

Kisumu Kenya


Our appointed consultants PTL Enterprises Ltd in ACCRA - pictured left with another 20MW Solar Farm in Ghana.

Our teams in Africa - Kenya & Ghana are ready to assist you in Renewable Energy developments

United States of America

Tunisia - PSECC Solar Farms Ltd are assisting 333finance in a 50MW Solar Farm proposal in Tunisia and hopefully will act as Project Managers - project on hold.

A new solar energy project seeks to bring Tunisian sunshine to the UK. TuNur is looking for UK government funding for its bright idea, which aims to power 2.5 million British homes with North African Solar electricity by 2018.


Reliance on fossil-fuel reserves and lack of political support has meant that renewable energy development has not been a high priority for Tunisia. However, rapid expansion of the market, recognition of the its RES potential and a number of major international solar initiatives has produced a commitment to diversify power generation, in particular through investment in wind and solar.

Its electricity generated by RES is about1%; but government aims to increase this to 11% by 2016, and 25% by 2030.

Development projects

Our International Solar Farm

& Waste Management Developments

The Chiefs who own the Land in Simbrofo have given their permission and will receive part of the revenue from the solar farm, which will be used to build a school and provide FREE Solar PV panels for homes (20W) in villages around the Solar Farm together with Solar PV Water Pumps and Solar Street Lighting can be arranged.   National Development programmes in the Country of Ghana will see increased Climate Change and Renewable Energy being produced thus making it possible for Ghana to accelerate Growth in the Country resulting in electricity. This economic, social and political changes in coming years’ production, Industrializing, middle-income economic development are pillars aimed at improving the living standards for all Ghana through an economic development program, through which the country is expected to achieve a good average Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth rate.  The Solar Farm electricity, 50,000 MWh each year will be sold to ECG or Volta River Authority.

Process chart for a Solar Farm project

 Africa - 10MW Solar Farm at Konza in Kenya - project on hold

Example of a 20MW Solar Farm with Single Axis Trackers to show dimensions

Two other Solar Farm projects are being considered by us and could be developed in Mombasa - part owners could be the FEP Group for two 10MW solar farms. Fountain Technologies lts are now investigating the two potential sites.

Ghana - Simbrofo 20MW - awaiting a PPA expected Octover 2017

Africa - Sustainable Urban & Rural life - ZERO Waste - ZERO Landfill - Sustainable Waste Management - Gasification & 100% Recycling            ZWT Gasification & 100% Recycling Plant

Our site at Simbrofo (above) with Solar Farm layout and sub station connection point indicated to the left (red Balloon).

Negotiations underway for the 40MW Solar Farm at Kisumu in Kenya.

We are at PPA stage - project on hold.

Site of the Konza Solar Farm is on Riara University owned land - This additional Renewable Energy will promote Sustainable Energy, Sustainable Business Development, Sustainable Education and enhance the quality of life of the people of Kenya together with mitigating against Climate Change - The Problem of Climate Change will result in significant opportunities for Kenya. People living near to each of our Solar Farms will be given FREE Solar PV panels (20W) for their homes, the Local Chiefs or Government given Solar Street Lighting, villagers given Solar PV Water Pumps & living Pods can be constructed and the villagers trained into how to build them by making the bricks so employment opportunities are also offered to the villagers. Educational programmes will follow at MSc, BSc in Renewable Energy.

Solar Farm site marked in Red line towards the South West section of map

South coast of Kenya and the formation of a new partnership with our new Group memeber who own 1,000 acres of land in the region.

The Simbrofo OFF GRID & 20MW Solar Farm is supported by the UK company PSECC Ltd and is an initiative of Simbrofo UK Ltd

Ghana - 20MW Solar Farm at Simbrofo

Payment for any Solar PV Off Grid penels can be made via

PSECC Solar Farmsan initiative of  PSECC Ltd

Mombasa - 10MW Solar Farm proposals - site investigations underway