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PSECC Solar Farms an initiative of  PSECC Ltd

1998 onwards - Some of our waste management technology

Alan Brewer had direct input into UK Waste Strategy formulation and is able to design and develop Integrated Waste Management plants to reuse, recycle upto 90% of MSW waste stream. Proposals already submitted to Portsmouth City, Gdansk, Hong Kong, Mumbia and Sofia.

Publications - reports

International Waste Management

We are assisting the Paris Agreement in MItigating against Climate change and Global Warming increases. We have been active twenty years before the Paris Agreement.

PSECC Ltd have Action Plan Agrements in place with the UK Government UKTi for our work in Africa with Solar Farm and OFF Grid Solar PV work.

PSECC Ltd have also registered Simbrofo Light Ghana Ltd & UK Ltd to progress forward our Solar Farm programme in Ghana. Our Simbrofo Solar Farm has gained a United Nations Engagement letter of supoort for the project. Interest being shown by six states in the USA for our Solar Farms

We are now developing Solar Farms in Kenya with our partners Riara University and also establishing the first Renewable Energy Institute for Clean Energy in Kenya called RICE.

Our Africa Renewable Energy work

Credentials & Reports

Solar PV Social Housing project did go ahead and Alan Brewer was responsible for all the FREE Solar PV installs in Leigh Park Social Housing with the company Freetricity Plc he was an advisor to and a partner in.