PSECC Solar Farmsan initiative of  PSECC Ltd

Solar Street Lighting

Small 20 Watt Solar PV panels

Two sites are now under investigation for a 40MW & 10MW solar farm.

2 x 10 MW plus 10MW Solar Farms in Mombasa - could be possible

Investigations into one or two solar farm projects in the Mombasa region of Kenya are underway.

We are currently making offers to Co-Develop and own, fund and do the EPC work on possibly a two 10MW Solar Farms in Mombasa Kenya on land owned by one of our group members 1,000 acres.

2 x 10 MW Solar Farm - Mombasa - Kenya

Below is an example of construction of a solar farm - this could be possible in Mombasa. Our project partners  FEP Group are submitting FIT applications for two 10MW solar farms.

Solar Water Pumps

Irrigation from Solar Water Pumps for Food production

Solar OFF Grid system and On Grid housing Solar PV