PSECC Solar Farms an initiative of  PSECC Ltd

Australia - 30MW  & 75MW Solar Farm

INTRODUCTION - Queensland is rich in a diverse range of renewable energy resources – geothermal, biomass, wind and hydro – however the focus to date has been on solar, with Queensland displaying amongst the highest levels of solar concentration in the world. This makes Queensland an attractive location for large-scale solar powered generation development projects. There is significant potential for energy supply from renewable resources in Queensland. The rapid uptake of renewable energy systems is stimulating the development of supporting technologies which in turn is improving the affordability of these systems.

The uptake of over 1,500MW of small scale solar in Queensland to date provides strong indication that Queensland consumers are no longer meeting their energy requirements entirely through conventional means. New technologies such as solar PV, smart appliances, and energy storage technologies are changing the way customers consume and produce energy. Revised policy frameworks, State based incentive schemes, Federal Government support programs, and climate change concerns are influencing developments in the energy sector, and will continue to have an impact. Powerlink is continually adapting to align with changes in its operating environment.

Due to the recent volume of interest in solar development projects in Queensland, this newly-developed chapter of Powerlink’s 2016 Transmission Annual Planning Report (TAPR) focuses on solar energy project development opportunities. Powerlink is committed to supporting the development of all types of energy projects, however for reasons outlined above, solar is a key focus area going forward. It should be noted that the network capacity information presented in this chapter is applicable to all forms of generation.

The Australian Government Department of Geoscience has published an assessment of Australia’s energy resource across the continent. The report acknowledges that Australia’s potential for renewable energy generation is very large and widely distributed across the continent. The annual average solar radiation map in Figure 7.1 indicates Queensland’s solar energy potential, and in particular the proximity of Powerlink’s high voltage transmission infrastructure to this energy resource. At the Wide Bay Renewable Energy Zone (REZ) it is the intention of The Denzo – ASC Group and their Seed Partners to capitalise on the above opportunity at the regions of Bundaberg, Fraser Coast and Gin Gin, Queensland.

Each region will be asked to cooperate fully in taking a share of the Clean Electricity, to expedite the Approvals process.


PSECC hope to assist the Solar Farm development in Australia.

​Discussion are underway with In Country Experts and instigated by Natcore in New York - USA.

We intend to sign a MoU in April / May 2018 to take forward the Solar Farms in Australia.


 Wide Bay – Burnett Area.        Target 200 Megawatts Plus

2014 – 2016 we spent quite a considerable time and money surveying the potential of Queensland for Solar Power and Micro LNG Production.  The LNG business was brought to an abrupt halt when the price of US Crude Oil dropped from $110/US a barrel to sub $30/US – LNG could not compete with the diesel prices.

The latter caused the Company to change its course and focus on Solar Electricity Production.



Two years spent in Orange assisted by Conergy to construct a 30 megawatt Solar Farm around Orange Airport.

The Council were unsuccessful in obtaining a Regional Grant and unable to subsidise the capital expense promised to connect the Grid.We moved our expertise to Bathurst.


Fresh start in the making to follow on to that experienced above with Orange.

We have identified an acceptable Sub-station and we are using Drone Technology to locate a parcel of land of about

60 hectares. Work in Progress.


We have located a large area of land close by the airport and 3 kilometres from an acceptable sub-station.